Distributing Innovation & Excellence

AV Nirvana India


AV nirvana was founded in 2012 with a clear focus on bringing the best audio and video technologies in the world to India. In a short span of four years, AV nirvana has established itself as the market leader and preferred technology partner for leading global brands across India.

Our company’s distribution and marketing expertise is helping all our partners grow in the Indian region. Our goal is to expand our business to represent an even more diverse range of Hi-end audio video products across all avenues of the Indian market.

Our dedicated team, of well exposed and well trained professionals, passionately believes in excellence in service. An enthusiasm for the technology options we have created, coupled with the pleasure of working with a wide variety of very talented people, has been a key reason for our success in introducing and developing many of the premiere brands in India.

Mutual trust, shared with our esteemed partners, is an utmost priority to us. It is just as important for us to feel comfortable with the partners we deal with as it is to believe in the brands themselves.

We are committed to success and look forward to sharing our enduring passion for all things luxurious and beautiful, with you.