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Phase Technology

Phase Technology began building speakers 60 years ago, back when we still referred to them as “loudspeakers”. Since then, a lot has changed besides the names of our products. Today’s listeners want speakers specifically designed for their needs and lifestyles, and we’ve evolved our engineering for these new audio applications. From the world-class performance and flexibility of our new dARTS systems, to the outstanding style of our Phase Velocity Series, to the virtually invisible Custom Installation Series, we build “Speakers For Your Life.”
Building on over six decades of design and engineering innovation, Phase Technology Corporation today occupies a special niche in the intensely competitive home-audio industry. It is one of the few fully vertically-integrated speaker manufacturers in America; producing drivers, crossovers, cabinets and systems. While not all our speakers are American made, we still maintain our vertical integration and produce a vast assortment of models here in the USA.


dARTS digital

dARTS digital theater is the most cinema true sound reproduction home system on the market today. dARTS Theater (Digital Audio Reference Theater System) speakers are perfectly calibrated at the factory, then calibrated again to your specific room. The end result ensures true sound perfection, regardless of the room’s acoustics. You’ve never heard movies and music sound so precise!
dARTS Theater is an all-digital system that includes an intelligent amplifier that precisely calibrates the speakers’ performance. dARTS Theater is the most precise and predictable speaker system you can own. Each speaker driver in the system is custom tuned to match within 0.5 dB of each other and every dARTS system is calibrated and aligned to a reference performance level. The systems minimum SPL (loudness) is 105db in the listening area – that’s loud, precise and clear.
Once installed, our latest version of Audyssey® MultEQ® room calibration software takes over and the specific sonic footprint of the room is taken out of the equation. MultEQ® corrects room anomalies to achieve the perfected “reference” listening experience in any room, providing a precise, acoustic performance matching the sonic quality of a precision-tuned movie theater.


Future Automation

From New York penthouses to historic manor houses in the english countryside; Future Automation products are installed in the worlds most luxurious living spaces. Designed with this in mind, our products are refined and reliable, perfect for the conscientious installer. Our products give peace of mind, while effortlessly impressing both installers and homeowners alike.
Products installed in hotels encounter much higher usage than in regular domestic installations. Our products have been tested to ensure a long lifetime during intense and regular usage. Installed in luxury hotels across the globe, both our manual and automated product offerings are used and trusted on a daily basis.


Display Technologies

Display Technologies hand craft our bespoke projection screens and accessories at our dedicated production facility in the United Kingdom. Every solution we offer has been meticulously designed and tested to ensure that it combines peerless technical performance with easy installation and reliable day to day operation.
DT Screens comprehensive range of fixed frame and motorised masking screens offer total flexibility in size and aspect ratio. We are specialists in bespoke solutions such as art masking, special frame finishes and colours. All screens benefit from our acoustic transparent image surfaces as standard. Display Technologies are experts in incorporating projection in to your projects. Our easy to use isolation portholes and folding mirror products are a core solution when working with the breed of laser projection solutions that allow total flexibility in orientation of the projector. DT Screens are already a feature component of some of the highest performance home cinemas. Choose DT Screens to maximise the performance of your chosen projector for years to come.



We understand it. We engineer it. We build it. We teach it.
Kordz was founded in Australia in 2003 to address the specific needs of the custom & commercial AV installation community by delivering dependable high definition connectivity solutions. In the years since, Kordz has evolved into a well-respected, multi-award winning brand, specializing particularly in reliable long reach HDMI since becoming an HDMI Adopter member in 2005. Kordz is committed to a high standard of practical and graceful design, partnered with quality manufacturing and supporting education, all of which are key to the installers’ successful product integration.
Kordz utilizes research and development facilities in Australia, Canada and Taiwan to engineer robust connectivity solutions to maximise commercial installation efficiency and deployment up-time with strict adherence to international standards. This dedication and consistency has incubated many like-minded affiliations over time, which in turn have further contributed to our knowledge base, development profile and ability to deliver. These include Quantum Data, HDMI test instrument manufacturer, HDMI Licensing and Authorised Test Centers (ATCs), leading video consultant Mr Joseph Kane of JKP, and high speed digital signaling experts phaseHD, Inc in Canada, amongst others. We know HDMI.


wisdom audio

Founded in 1996, Wisdom Audio initially designed and manufactured high-end hybrid loudspeakers incorporating both planar and dynamic driver elements. Wisdom has since focused solely on its formidable architectural loudspeaker products that also utilise hybrid designs, along with a full line of complementary amplifiers and controllers. Through 2009 and 2010 they have been making the world's most expensive in-wall and on-wall speakers. These speakers unlike audiophile speakers, are often hidden, their sound is anything other than hidden. Wisdom Audio uses digital room correction, bi-amped systems and other technology that has owners of big audiophile speakers finally going in-wall.



Vutec Corporation is one of the world's leading video projection screen manufacturers. The company began blazing trails in the 1970s with the quality development of bright curved screens and maintained its vanguard position with a host of patented and patent-pending products including PrismaTec, a rear projection screen system, and a variety of motorized screens, including ceiling mounted, recessed and rising arm formats.

Vutec also carries a wide array of screen accesories and audio-visual products. The crowning achievement of Vutec, and the first new screen technology in more than 38 years, is the award- winning, patented SilverStar

The fabrics on our product lines come in an assorment of styles working into any venue or decor. The stylized brands are excecptional with many of which are ISF certified products. Our high gain screens have dazzled the world and receive countless awards all around the world. This particular feature in Electronic House Magazine expresses "HOME THEATER DESIGN is all about creating an experience. When done right, a home theater is a room specifically engineered to transport you far from the normalcy of your everyday life and engross your senses in a visual and auditory wonderland." - EH Staff


wisdom audio

Trinnov Audio is a team of engineers who are Passionate about audio quality. Arnaud Laborie, Sébastien Montoya and Rémy Bruno join forces to focus on research in 3D sound and create the 1st working test of a fully functional 3rd-order 3D audio chain. In the year 2002 Trinnov Audio wins an award from the French Ministry for Research as one on the most innovative young companies. Trinnov focuses on developing innovative solutions that improve the Quality of Sound throughout the production chain until the end listener. Some of the world’s largest post-production facilities use the Trinnov Optimiser: Fox Studios (Los Angeles), Cinéphase, Télétota, Ciné Stéréo, Dovidis, Jackson (Paris), L’Equipe Studio (Brussels), Cineplus (Cologne);