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Founded in 1996, Wisdom Audio initially designed and manufactured high-end hybrid loudspeakers incorporating both planar and dynamic driver elements. Wisdom has since focused solely on its formidable architectural loudspeaker products that also utilise hybrid designs, along with a full line of complementary amplifiers and controllers. Through 2009 and 2010 they have been making the world's most expensive in-wall and on-wall speakers. These speakers unlike audiophile speakers, are often hidden, their sound is anything other than hidden. Wisdom Audio uses digital room correction, bi-amped systems and other technology that has owners of big audiophile speakers finally going in-wall.



Vutec Corporation is one of the world's leading video projection screen manufacturers. The company began blazing trails in the 1970s with the quality development of bright curved screens and maintained its vanguard position with a host of patented and patent-pending products including PrismaTec, a rear projection screen system, and a variety of motorized screens, including ceiling mounted, recessed and rising arm formats. Vutec also carries a wide array of screen accesories and audio-visual products. The crowning achievement of Vutec, and the first new screen technology in more than 38 years, is the award- winning, patented SilverStar

The fabrics on our product lines come in an assorment of styles working into any venue or decor. The stylized brands are excecptional with many of which are ISF certified products. Our high gain screens have dazzled the world and receive countless awards all around the world. This particular feature in Electronic House Magazine expresses "HOME THEATER DESIGN is all about creating an experience. When done right, a home theater is a room specifically engineered to transport you far from the normalcy of your everyday life and engross your senses in a visual and auditory wonderland." - EH Staff


wisdom audio

Trinnov Audio is a team of engineers who are Passionate about audio quality. Arnaud Laborie, Sébastien Montoya and Rémy Bruno join forces to focus on research in 3D sound and create the 1st working test of a fully functional 3rd-order 3D audio chain.In he year 2002 Trinnov Audio wins an award from the French Ministry for Research as one on the most innovative young companies. Trinnov focuses on developing innovative solutions that improve the Quality of Sound throughout the production chain until the end listener. Some of the world’s largest post-production facilities use the Trinnov Optimiser: Fox Studios (Los Angeles), Cinéphase, Télétota, Ciné Stéréo, Dovidis, Jackson (Paris), L’Equipe Studio (Brussels), Cineplus (Cologne);